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Member’s Feedback

Matt Walker, who is developing this new website for the Mid-Norfolk Family History Society, would like to hear feedback and comments from MNFHS members about the site.

The basic design template (or “theme”) is not settled on, and it may be changed several times to try out different appearances. Further customisation of colours, backgrounds, header images, etc, is available in most templates. I’m interested to hear what people like, or dis-like about different templates.

The following images are screenshots of some examples of templates that could be used for the MNFHS website. Please click on any image to view at larger size in a slide show.

The content of the site is largely copied from the existing tsites website, with a few additions such as Google-maps to show visitors to the site, where we meet and the areas that we’re interested in. Some parts still require work, such as the “Membership” page which currently links to forms on the old website. I would like to replace these with PDF forms that new members can download and print off, and maybe also an on-line form. Elsewhere on the site there may be content that needs updating or rewriting. I would appreciate any suggestions for where changes to the content could be made.

I would also like to develop a full page of useful links that could be helpful to people researching their local ancestry. I would welcome any suggestions for what could be included here, especially anything of particular local relevance such as sites about local families.

Your comments will be helpful in developing this website. Thanks.

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