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National Burial Index Project

Mid-Norfolk FHS National Burial Index Project

Feb. 2018 Update;

The Mid-Norfolk FHS National Burial Index Project has been available for Members to ask for free NBI searches.  Unfortunately, the program does not work on Windows 10, only on the older versions of Windows.  For a long time now it has been on my computer, which was 10 years old and ran on Windows Vista.  Unfortunately, my faithful old computer has finally given up and I now have a Windows 10 machine.

As a result of this the Society cannot, until further notice, provide Mid-Norfolk FHS National Burial Index searches.   Tom is working on a way to adapt the program to Windows 10, and we will let you know when this is successful.

Kate (Editor)

The Mid-Norfolk FHS contributes to the Federation of Family History Society’s National Burial index Project by submitting (reduced data) from Burial Register transcriptions for the parishes within a 10 mile radius of Dereham (formerly East Dereham).

However, we also retain the society’s ‘fuller’ transcription which we refer to as The Mid-Norfolk FHS National Burial index. Burial data is included for all parishes within the circle around Dereham for the period of 1813-1837, but the project is ongoing and most are covered more extensively. It currently holds in excess of 146,000 entries. Surname searches may be made for £3 per surname (MNFHS members £1 per surname) inc. p&p. Alternatively, if you are willing to receive the results of our search by email, the charge is reduced to £2 per surname (FREE for MNFHS members).

The search lists the forename/s of all deceased persons with that surname within the database, together with their date and place of burial along with further information (if included in the original entry) such as age, marital status, relationship and occupation. A list of all parishes and dates searched is provided with the search results.

All prices are in pounds sterling. The pound symbol may be displayed correctly or may be indicated by a hash(#).

Please make CHEQUES payable to “Mid-Norfolk Family History Society”

Overseas payments: must be in pounds sterling and cheques must be drawn on a UK clearing bank)

Please print off and complete the Mid-Norfolk FHS Burial Index Search Form and send with your CHEQUE to the address given on the form.

N.B. Will overseas applicants please note that to keep postage costs down these will be sent out at Printed Papers Rate.

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