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Mid Norfolk FHS Publications List;

(from 1st September 2021)

We do not sell printed copies of Parish Registers and Memorial Inscriptions
any more, we now have difficulty in getting the printers to print single copies
to order and our Society does not have the space or funds to hold any stock.
Therefore, we decided to sell the computer files, (in PDF format) for £4 each.

Our Memorial Inscriptions books can now be purchased
(in PDF format) from the website; ParishChest.com 

Parish Register Transcriptions, Burial Indexes, Memorial Inscriptions, Census Indexes.


Beetley (one book)

  • Baptisms 1782-1889, Marriages 1755-1835, Burials 1782-1907

Bilney, East (one book)

  • Baptisms 1714-1902, Marriages 1714-1904, Banns 1757-1799, Burials 1733-1911

Dereham, East

  • Banns of Marriage 1816-1855
  • Burials 1679-1775
  • Burials 1776-1908

Hoe (One book)

  • Baptisms 1733-1812, Marriages 1733-1790, Banns 1754-1789, Burials 1733-1812

Swanton Morley

  • Baptisms 1784-1837
  • Baptisms 1838-1891
  • Marriages 1755-1837 (+ Banns 1782-1823)
  • Marriages 1837-1891
  • Burials 1784-1837
  • Burials 1838-1891
  • Burials 1892-1988


  • Baptisms 1539-1730
  • Baptisms 1730-1901
  • Marriages 1539-1730
  • Marriages 1730-1902 (+Banns 1754-1902)
  • Burials 1539-1730
  • Burials 1730-1901

MISCELLANEOUS (digital files £2 each to MNFHS members, £4 each to non-members).

  • A History of Mattishall United Reformed Church
    (Includes transcripts of Baptisms from 1772, Marriages from 1882 & Deaths from 1780)
  • The Bradenham Book of Remembrance
    The Men of East and West Bradenham who gave their lives in the 1st and 2nd World Wars (Revised April 2004)
  • Gallantry Awards in World War One to Men of Dereham and District by B. Scoles.
    Containing details of the men and their awards, including how they gained them where possible. A4 booklet, 24 pages, printed in colour

    Foreword, Acknowledgements, & Contents PDF

    Foreword, Acknowledgements, & Contents PDF

  • Gallantry Awards in World War Two to Men of Dereham and District – A4 booklet, 24 pages, printed in colour. Details of the men and women, and their awards, including how they gained them where possible. With citations, recommendations and rare illustrations.

    Foreword, Acknowledgements, & Contents PDF

    Foreword, Acknowledgements, & Contents PDF

  • Dereham Spitfire Fund – A5 booklet reproduced from the original listing the local subscribers who raised £5020 in 1940 to purchase a spitfire

    Dereham Spitfire Fund - cover

    Dereham Spitfire Fund – cover

  • Staffordshire Yeomanry Trooper at War (48 pages colour)
  • Staffordshire Yeomanry War Diary September 1944 – May 1945 – 86 pages B&W)
  • Gallantry and other Awards to Staffordshire Yeomanry from D-Day to V.E. Day – (19 pages B&W)

BURIAL INDEXES (digital files £2 each to MNFHS members, £4 each to non-members)

Dereham Cemetery

  • Index Pt 1 Oct 1869 – Jul 1921
    Note:  If you have already purchased ”Dereham Cemetery-Index of Burial Order Books”, you do not need to buy Part I, as the information remains the same, the new information is in Part II.
  • Dereham Cemetery Index Pt II Aug 1921 – Dec 2000

Mattishall Cemetery

  • Mattishall Cemetery 1894-2002

MEMORIAL INSCRIPTIONS (digital files £4 each.)

You should now purchase these publications through ParishChest.com

(include plan of churchyard, inscriptions and index)

  • Alderford (St Andrew) [see Attlebridge]
  • Ashill (St. Nicholas)
  • Attlebridge (St John the Baptist) [with Alderford in one book]
  • Barford ( St Botolph)
  • Barnham Broom (St Peter & St Paul)
  • Bawburgh (St Mary & St Walstan)
  • Bawdeswell (All Saints)
  • Beeston MIs (St Mary the Virgin)
  • Beetley (St. Mary Magdalene)
  • Billingford (St Peter)
  • Bilney, East (St. Mary)
  • Bintree (St Swithin)
  • Booton (St Michael the Archangel) with Brandiston (St Nicholas)
  • Brandiston (St Nicholas) [see Booton]
  • Brandon Parva (All Saints) [with Coston & Runhall in one book]
  • Bradenham, East (St. Mary)
  • Bradenham, West (St. Andrew)
  • Brisley (St. Bartholomew)
  • Bylaugh (St Mary)
  • Carbrooke (St. Peter & St Paul)
  • Carleton Forehoe (St Mary)
  • Colton (St Andrew)
  • Coston (St Michael) see Brandon Parva
  • Cranworth (St Mary)
  • Dereham, East (St. Nicholas)
  • Deopham (St Andrew)
  • Dunham, Little (St Margaret) & Great (St Andrew) [one book]
  • Easton, (St Peter)
  • Ellingham, Little (St Peter)
  • Elsing (St Mary)
  • Foulsham (Holy Innocents)
  • Fransham, Little (St Mary) & Great (All Saints) [one book]
  • Gateley (St. Helens)
  • Garvestone (St. Margaret)
  • Griston (St Peter & St Paul)
  • Hackford near Reepham – see Reepham
  • Hackford near Wymondham ( St Mary)
  • Hardingham (St George)
  • Hingham (St Andrew)
  • Hockering (St. Michael)
  • Hoe (St. Andrew)
  • Holme Hale (St Andrew)
  • Horningtoft (St. Edmund)
  • Kerdiston – see Reepham
  • Kimberley (St Peter) [includes Burial register Transcript 1768-1999]
  • Lexham, East (St Andrew) and West (St Nicholas) [one book]
  • Litcham (all Saints)
  • Longham (St Andrew & St Peter)
  • Marlingford (St Mary)
  • Mattishall, (All Saints)
  • Mattishall Burgh, (St Peter)
  • Melton, Little (All Saints)
  • Melton, Great (All Saints with St Mary)
  • Morley (St Botolph & St Peter) [in one cover]
  • Mileham (St John the Baptist)
  • Morton-on-the-Hill (St Margaret)*
  • Necton (All Saints)
  • North Elmham (St Mary the Virgin)
  • Ovington (St John the Evangelist) includes Burial register Transcript 1813 – 2000
  • Reepham (St Mary and St Michael) also used by Hackford & Whitwell
  • Reepham & Kerdiston ”old” cemetery
  • Reepham Cemetery (used by Hackford, Reepham and Whitwell)
  • Reymerstone (St. Peter)
  • Ringland (St Peter)
  • Rocklands (All Saints with St Andrew) (See  Rocklands)
  • Rocklands (St Peter) (See  Rocklands)
  • Rocklands Methodist Cemetery (See  Rocklands)
  • Rocklands – Three booklets in one cover
  • Runhall (All Saints) see Brandon Parva
  • Saham Toney (St George)
  • Salle (St Peter & St Paul)
  • Scoulton (The Holy Trinity) [includes Burial Register Transcript 1783-1987]
  • Shipdham (All Saints)
  • Southburgh (St. Andrew)
  • Sparham (St Mary)
  • Stanfield (St. Margaret)
  • Swannington (St Margaret)
  • Swanton Morley (All Saints) 0
  • Thuxton (St Paul)*
  • Tittleshall (St Mary)
  • Tuddenham, East (All Saints)
  • Tuddenham, North (St Mary)
  • Twyford (St Nicholas)
  • Watton (St Mary) Book 1 Inside the Church & Areas A&B
  • Watton (St Mary) Book 2 Area C
  • Wendling
  • Weasenham All Saints [See Weasenham St Peter]
  • Weasenham St Peter [with All Saints in a single book]
  • Wellingham (St Andrew)*
  • Westfield (St. Andrew)
  • Weston Longville (All Saints)
  • Whinburgh (St. Mary)
  • Whissonsett (St. Mary)
  • Wicklewood (St Andrew & All Saints)
  • Witchingham Great (St Mary) [includes Lt Witchingham- see below]
  • Witchingham Little (St Faiths) [only 15 MIs with Gt Witchingham in single book]
  • Wood Norton (All Saints)
  • Worthing (St. Margaret)
  • Wramplingham (St Peter & St Pau)
  • Yaxham (St. Peter)

CENSUS INDEXES (digital files £2 each to MNFHS members, £4 each to non-members)

  • Beetley 1841-1891 – £4.85
  • Shipdham 1841 – £3.50
  • Swanton Morley 1841-1891 – £8.90
  • Westfield 1841-1891 – £2.85




nb; Monumental Inscriptions should now be purchased via ParishChest.com


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